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    GNU C and the MicroController eXecutive for 68HC11

    Cliquez sur le drapeau pour visualiser cette page en Français.

    In 1994, Brian Dombrowski modified the MCX11 package provided by Motorola / Freescale in order to be able to use it with the C language. The compiler used was ICC11 from Imagecraft software.

    I ported it in order to be able to use it with the GNU C compiler for the 68HC11.

    I want to highlight the excellent work done by Stéphane Carrez in order to use GCC with the 68HC11 and 68HC12.
    It deserves to be supported and I invite you to make a donation (Use the previous link to open and click on GEL. You will see a button Donate. It uses PayPal).

    When I ported Brian's implementation, the main tasks were:

    • Adapt all the ASM sources to the GNU assembler syntax

    • Rewrite the file MCXIF.S in order to respect the calling convention of GCC

    • Modify the code in order to write the task address in the Task Control Block (TCB)

    • Modify the code in order to save and restore the software register (frame pointer) generated by GCC
    I tested my implementation with the MHC811EME board from MECALOGIC Concept. The microcontroller used is the MC68HC711D3 so the peripheral registers are located in page 0.
    The management of the vectors is different and you will have to modify it if you use another board.

    Click here to dowload the ZIP archive containing all the sources and the makefile. Last version: Revision 3.

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