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    Bienvenue ! / Welcome!

    You will find in these pages some software and hardware related to microcontrollers, real-time kernels and embedded applications that I designed or adapted. I hope that these developments will be useful but they are provided without any warranty. All risks of using these products including the entire cost of any necessary remedies are those of the user and I assume no liability of any kind.

    • MC68HC11xx, MC68HC711xx and MC68HC811E2 programmer (PROM, EPROM and EEPROM).

    • GCC2MCX11 This software enables you to use the MicroController eXecutive for 68HC11 (MCX11) with the GNU C compiler m6811-elf-gcc. Last version: Revision 3.

    • You are using the 68HC11 microcontroller and you plan to switch to the 68HC12 microcontroller family? This page describes a low-cost environment that you can use to develop with the MC9S12.

    • GCC2MCX12 is derived from GCC2MCX11 and enables you to use this kernel (MCX12) optimized for the HC(S)12 family with the GNU C compiler m6811-elf-gcc.

    • M48Z02 Loader You have a MC68705P3 programmer? If you want to replace the 2716 EPROM used to store the code to program in the microcontroller using the STMicroelectronics M48Z02 NVRAM, this hardware and its associated software enable you to download your S-Record file (S19) in the M48Z02.

    • GNU Software You will find software to convert the code contained in an ELF file to a S-Record file (ELF2MSR).
      Last version: 1.50.

    Vous trouverez également une mise à jour des logiciels pour la chaine de développement ML68705DEV de MECALOGIC Concept.

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