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    • 29 January 2007:
      GCC to MCX11 revision 3 released.
      ELF to MSR V1.50 must be used to generate the S-Record file.

      ELF to MSR V1.50 released.

    • 14 January 2007:
      New pages published: Start with the MC9S12 and GCC to MCX12.

    • 30 November 2006:
      GCC to MCX11 revision 2 released ( I corrected a data overlap that I found in the revision 1 and I made several minor changes ).

    • 12 November 2006:
      I modified GCC to MCX11 in order to initialize the data section and to clear the bss section in the startup routine.
      ELF to MSR V1.40 must be used to generate the S-Record file.
      Many thanks to Jefferson Smith for his help to solve an issue with the frame pointer during the link.

      ELF to MSR V1.40 released.

    • 1 October 2006:
      Mecalogic ASM 6805 V3.3 released.

    • 20 August 2006:
      I received this week the CT63: It's really a jewel! The next step is to place the Falcon 060 in a big tower case and also to add the new board that Rodolphe Czuba is developping: the CTPCI used to access up to 4 PCI cards.

      Since the 68HC11 is not recommended for new design, I will modify the programmer in order to support also the 68HC08.

      I made minor changes in the pages because Wanadoo became Orange. My email address remains unchanged.

    • 14 May 2006:
      I recently bought an Atari Falcon 030. I will upgrade it very soon with the board CT63 from Czuba-Tech based on the MC68060. The return of Big Endian!

      The schematic of the 68HC11 programmer is almost ready and I have to design the printed circuit board.

      La page GCC2MCX11 étant la plus visitée, je la publie également en Français.

    • 29 April 2006:
      ELF to MSR V1.30 released.

    • 9 April 2006:
      M48Z02 Loader released.

    • 8 April 2006:
      GCC to MCX11 released.
      ELF to MSR V1.20 released.
      Mecalogic ML68705DEV software update released.

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